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Hi mouser,

firts thing: My best compliments for your app!

i'm using LaunchBar Commander essentially as menu in Tray (Notification Area) and i'd like to ask you if it would be possible to add the capability of displaying the Desktop (the virtual folder not the directory) with its entire content of virtual folders as My Computer, My Network Places, Recycle Bin, My Documents, Internet Explorer...

Thanks in advance for your answer, attention, suggestion etc...

Best regards,

hackeronte (from old Italy)

Welcome hackeronte, and greetings to Italy.

I'm glad you like the program.

I've thought about this feature too -- it would be nice to add -- I looked into it once and didn't find an easy way to do it, but I will try to look a little deeper.  If you find any open source tools to show the contents of such special folders let me know.

Happy Expat:
Hi there, Mouser,
Following your advice given on the "open" forum the other evening I have now started a serious evaluation of LBC. Must say I'm impressed - I removed FreeLaunchBar because it didn't even stand up to my first attempts to create something meaningful. LBC is definitely here to stay :).
I'm also interested in a similar functionality. I currently have six family members on XP(SP3) 32bit, with their own user accounts and I created desktop shortcuts to their individual desktops simply by going into Docs&Settings and then creating the link to their desktops.
Whilst I can drop things onto their desktop icon I simply can't get these shortcuts into any of the LBC nodes without them simply becoming menus. Is there potentially any kind of workaround utilising the shortcuts created by windows?


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