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Bvckup 2 is in open beta !

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Bought it a while ago; I'm more than satisfied. No problems what - so - ever. It just runs in the background, doing its job silently, quickly, efficiently and without fault. It's very well done.

(PS I still use the real-time sync option, which works well for syncing my multimedia collection over a network.)

Great to hear :)

By the way (or rather, completely unrelated) - I did a Show HN post on Hacker News and it generated over 20K uniques in 24 hours. Highly recommended if you've got a good project to show.

Thanks for the link. Some interesting questions/answers there!

Can I bump this thread? Just killed few weeks on adding SMTP client into a backup app and I just need to share :) - release notes - screenshots and notes on the process (these strangely help with motivation, so I just keep doing them)

It doesn't do versioning, but here are my thoughts on this.

I firmly believe that versioning needs to be done in a way that doesn't lock file history to specific software. This means that the version archive format needs to be open and documented. This in turn means that I should either invent and document such format (but then someone else will need to code alternative tools to work with it) -or- I can adopt an existing format.

Can you guess where this is going? ... 3,2,1 ... That's right - it should use Git :-)

So the plan as it stands is to get the V2 on the road first and then to tackle file versioning.
-apankrat (October 22, 2013, 02:24 PM)
--- End quote ---

wondering if you still considering this idea?


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