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Online HTML index generator?

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We've all seen those little utilities that create an index.html page with links for every file in a folder.  But I cannot install any apps. I need to find one that's in the cloud.  I'm looking for the simplest as in it gives me a file open dialog so I can navigate to the folder with the files and enter a filter, such as *.zip.  When I click OK it generates index.html and offers to save the file somewhere locally.

Anyone know of one?

Would something portable help, rather than online?

If so, grab the portable version of dirhtml:

Happens to be my favorite utility for this purpose.  ;)

Thanks. I'll check it out.

Would something portable help, rather than online?
-app103 (September 28, 2013, 04:21 PM)
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Actually App this is great advice on a broader level. I'm just starting to shuffle a bit with my laptop vs my project machine, and for a few things it would be nice to just download one portable copy and then float the USB drive over, rather than deal with the low specs on that laptop (and currently also bad wireless!)

I guess it depends on how locked down the library computers are - they may not allow non-sanctioned programs to run.

I was thinking along the lines of a piece of HTML/JavaScript code you could have on your flash drive and just open it in the browser.

Here's an example: Find files with JavaScript

Online HTML index generator?

While it doesn't do exactly what you want, (ie. output is displayed in the browser and can't be saved as a WYSIWYG web page), it might be possible to have it write the output to a new browser tab as a plain HTML doc which could be saved using the File->Save As menu.

Because it also uses ActiveX it means you're stuck with IE and the library might block ActiveX content also.


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