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Screenshot captor not saving preferences to my documents


I had to blow away my profile after it got corrupt on my computer and I am using the portable screenshot captor (v4.7.2)
When I make changes to my settings and hit apply or accept, everything seems ok.
However when I exit screenshotcaptor, I get a notification window in the notification area at the bottom right of my screen that complains about not being able to write to somewhere on my profile. The problem is that the notification only stays up for about 1/2 second so I don't have time to read the whole message.
Error is "ERROR: settings could not be saved (Saving final, really trying) - to file \\servername\users$\my username\my documents\donationcoder\screenshotcaptor\;exception: Cannot create file "\\\\servername\users$\my username\my documents\dona" at which point the tag does not have enough space to capture the entire directory.

I'm not sure why the ini file is being written to this location if i'm running from the portable zip (although i did used to have screenshot captor installed as a full install. I have removed the installed version but still get this message).

The only reason it would be trying to save there when running portably is if you have a custom ConfigDir.ini file in the directory telling it to do so (that might be the case if you moved over files from a normal install).

Delete any configdir.ini file, which should leave you with Configdir_Default.ini from the portable zip that should have lines in it:

Let me know if that works for you!

Thanks mouser. I checked this morning and my configdir.ini had everything remmed out. And of course this morning, it's working as designed. No changes were made by me that i'm aware of. Very strange.
Thanks for the help and the excellent program ;-)



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