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typing in web browser makes it freeze

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I uninstalled flash because I read that was an issue for someone, and it still happened. I also ran ie with addons disabled (is that the same as safe mode?) And it still didnt work. I ran sfc because it was another recommended solution regarding the error apphangb1 which is what the error is that I get when chrome and ie crash. It found borked files, but couldnt fix them, and didnt run when I rebooted. I did however manage to get the problem to go away while in safemode (still having it while running windows normally tho)

yes, ie addons disabled = safe mode. when you said the problem went away in safe-mode, you meant rebooting windows in safe mode, right?

also did you find anything from the event viewer?

a bit far-fetched but you might want to try update your gfx drivers, just in case.

Yeah, rebooted into safemode. The event viewer wasnt help at all, unless I was looking in the wrong spot. It only told me that chrome and ie stopped Interacting with windows and was closed. Updating my gfx drivers didnt do anything either.

since we're running up blind alleys, perhaps it's best to do a system restore and see if it helps.

Im running sfc from my windows install disk, if it doesnt work, then im just going to goto bed and back up my steam files and reinstall windows tomorrow. Thanks for attempting to help me. I really appreciate it.


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