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The Great Screenshot Captor Ruler Debate Thread

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it is surreal to see my custom tools menu from 3 years ago.
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Show us a screenshot!

it is surreal to see my custom tools menu from 3 years ago.
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Show us a screenshot!-mouser (September 11, 2013, 12:48 AM)
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it's on the other thread, meant to copy-paste but forgot about it but here it is now.


Nice!  :up:

Here's the kind of thing i had in mind for the optional precision top panel, something like this:

Note: I have to keep it as compact as possible since I can't anticipate people's screen sizes.

On the left hand it would show the current cursor position (both relative to the top left of image and bottom right, to aid in measuring from any side), and the selection coordinates (last set of coords is selection size).  You could select the units from Pixels | Inches | Cm | Percentages.

On the right hand you see controls for a custom grid overlay.  You can tweak the origin or use combo box to get origin to be grid center or cell center, and set a custom size of the grid cells in pixels, or tell it that you want a grid of 10x10 cells and it would figure out the appropriate pixel intervals.

I think rulers can have an importance but not only in a screenshot program but in all programs.
That's why I prefer to have an independent ruler on my pc. Most rulers don't even need to be installed so I don't see why it has to be included in a screenshot software.
Btw, I almost never user my ruler. Sometimes to measure the desktop or a width of a window.

What I think is the most important thing to adapt in Screenshot captor is the preferences menu.
There are too much features, to difficult to find.
I don't see any logic in the sorting of the different features.
I note that always when I need something to change I have to search minutes to find it, or worse, what happens mostly, I do a search online.
This morning I wanted to turn off the sound after capturing.
Couldn't find it immediately.

There is p.e. 2 x a post capture option:
In basic and advanced features.
Why not remove the word basic and advanced and put them all (in a simple way) in Post Capture?

There are also features in preferences, right aligned p.e. in Window capturing 1.
Is that an error?
Btw why Window Capturing 1 and 2?
Post Capture basic and advanced, Window Capturing 1 and 2.
Its all too confusing.

And I think it would be better to remove the word options in most off the words
at the left side in preferences.
p.e. scanner options --> scanner

There is also too much description text in all windows i.m.o.

Sorry, may'be other people see it different or maybe I'm looking too much at this kind of things
because we had years ago a software company who helped companies to make their websites more accessible (usability).


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