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Should SSC ask to save changes when there are none?


In latest SSC ver., & some before (IIRC), after saving an edited image, then immediately going to close the editor or open another image, etc., it asks if want to save the changes or...
Shows the box /w options:  Abandon changes..., etc.

If you've just saved an image & made no changes afterward, should it be prompting to save changes or abandon them or anything like that?  Most apps don't if no more changes were made.
Yes, if changes were made, it should remind.  Don't want to turn that off. 

Otherwise, if no changes since last saved, I find it annoying - bit of waste of time.  Maybe another setting I missed.

There was a bug like that before IIRC - maybe it's back.
Wrong software - I was thinking of InfoQube :)

SC will not ask you if you want to save changes unless it thinks for some reason that some changes have been made.


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