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When I look back at the blog items I post linking to interesting developer essays and articles, many of them are originally from  OSNews is a frequently updated blog that posts lots of small items every day.  While nominally about operating systems, they really cover a much broader domain including websites and technology companies.  They do an outstanding job of bringing early attention to interesting technology essays that I don't see mentioned elsewhere.

To see other posts on the DonationCoder forum that mention the OsNews website, click: here.

Freewaregenius is another one of our favorite websites for discovering new software.

The site has expanded its focus in recent years -- evolving from covering just freeware software to a variety of web and mobile technologies, but the site has remained one of the best places to discover new free software.

It's one of the most frequently linked to sites on our forum, and some of their more recent long comparative reviews of software have been invaluable.

Visit Site:

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To see other posts on the DonationCoder forum that mention the Freewaregenius website, click: here.

-mouser (November 06, 2013, 04:23 PM)
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I am not seeing any post newer than Jan 2016.  Is this site still active?

No I suppose not, except in my heart  :-*

No, FG is not active anymore. Samer made a guest article on Ghacks some time ago and that the last time I heard of him. I think he is still in Jordan with his wife ...

No I suppose not, except in my heart  :-*
-mouser (February 27, 2018, 06:45 AM)
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Should this thread be checked and updated at certain intervals?  Or just left for posterity?


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