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IDEA: meter my bandwidth during specific daily interval each month

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i'm in the UK. a current trend here is for internet service providers to limit the download/upload limit you have each month - you pay more to transfer more or sometimes pay a hefty amount for truly unlimited (i.e. Zen).

my isp has decided that they are going to monitor the hours of 4pm to 12midnight - during this period the bandwidth is monitored and if you exceed a certain amount during the month then restrictions are enforced on your account. (currently they are actually monitoring from 8am to 12 midnight so it's even worse.)

the download/upload limit that is set on my account at the moment is 30 gig max (email warnings are sent at 24 gig). this isn't so terrible as i can download things through the night without any bandwidth restrictions but i have once exceeded their 30 gig limit and don't really want to do it again - they will expect me to upgrade my account - i pay £23 a month already so it's not on the cheap side here in the UK.

anyway, enough introduction, what i'd like is just a little meter running in the system tray that displays how much i've uploaded and downloaded - combined, during the hours of 4pm to 12midnight. this would need to start at zero each month and then accumulate until it was reset again the following month (or could be manually reset).

i'm hoping this could be done using autohotkey so that the script could be easily changed or included inside another ahk script. if possible, if the script could also output to a txt file i could then set samurise to read the output data into a meter i could create - i have a tiny samurise display running at all times that's on top of all other windows that would be just right to show the bandwidth level.

i've already checked to see if samurize could do the task i'm requesting but the problem is the accumulative specific interval monitoring.

hope that is enough info. a DC credits reward is on offer, of course.


As much fun as it would be to write one, maybe you can try this one out and see if it works for you.
ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter 1.0 (Freeware)

(btw I got unlimited dsl for 21.99 U.S. a month  :Thmbsup:)

(btw I got unlimited dsl for 21.99 U.S. a month  :Thmbsup:)
-Cpilot (May 11, 2006, 04:45 PM)
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>:( >:(


I got a 8 Mb DSL unlimited band for 15 Euro per month ( between $17 to $20 )

I got a 8 Mb DSL unlimited band for 15 Euro per month ( between $17 to $20 )
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About 4 years ago when I first got dsl it cost me 35.00 U.S. a month, then cable got into the act and other plans by other companies were offered. The competitive pressure caused the prices to drop. Cable internet here is still high in comparison even though it's faster. But I believe that it will feel the pressure shortly and have to offer cable access cheaper.
I would pay a little more if the phone company would unbundle dsl and telephone service. It seems like a waste to pay for a land line and cell service.


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