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Modification request_change some toolbar icons that are nearly identical


Possible to change several side toolbar icons that are almost identical?  Free icons are available lots of places.
Ex.:  Resize Image & Resize Image to Preset ... are same the same icon.

Possible to change color of several others - almost same color as toolbar background color (Vista Basic theme) and / or are very similar to each other?
Don't want to use Vista Classic / Standard.  Anyway, wouldn't solve issue of icons looking very similar.

Never found a way to alter SSC toolbar background.

Possible to add option to have text beside icons, since so many look very similar & / or are close to background color?

Possible to get icon(s) for some commonly used functions, like Redo, added to icon list?  Some that I've never used have toolbar icons, but not a redo?  Probably others.


Having some more differentiated icons is not a bad idea.. I might ask dc member Hamradio to look into it -- he has made a bunch of really great icons for SC.
If you find any good 16x16 free icons you think are better for something specific, let me know.

You can make them, or there are lots of free, non copy righted icons, from a lot of sources.  I've spoken to Fx theme devs - finding free icons isn't much of a problem.  I've easily found many to choose from, to modify the Fx native theme.

Don't HAVE to be unique - most apps' toolbar icons aren't unique.  Even some of existing ones might work better if color was added.
But ones that are, or almost identical need changing or modification; preferably in a way that at least "sort of" conveys its function.


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