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Interesting "stuff"

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[bad joke] sound a bit like a grammar n*z*, just now. Then again, when someone does do some 'Schaden' to a word, I have a hard time believing that a grammar n*z* gets much 'freude' from correcting it  :P
[/bad joke] 

Arizona Hot:
think one of the things that I truly love about science, is that it constantly changes our understanding of the universe, and disproves past theories, and illustrates a new reality, and I really love being a smug ****ing skeptic and laughing while I see the religio-political science worshippers' beliefs destroyed in a flash. I do get enormous joy out of that. (I'm kind of conflicted that I'm such a sadist at times. :P ) The pisser is that it takes people a very long time to catch up with the evidence and what new bits of reality science has actually shown to us. But, that just drags out my laughter as well, so - take the good with the bad.
-Renegade (March 23, 2015, 08:52 AM)
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But if God did create the universe, it will never happen. If science ever goes against you, you would have a real bummer.

Arizona Hot:
Interesting "stuff"

Fix corrupt photos with JPEG Repair Shop

Interesting "stuff"

How to fix .LNK file association error

You may not have this problem, but it praises ESET and Malwarebytes.

Arizona Hot:

LightEater malware attack places millions of unpatched BIOSes at risk

Hacking BIOS Chips Isn't Just the NSA's Domain Anymore  WIRED

Suite of Sophisticated Nation-State Attack Tools Found With Connection to Stuxnet  WIRED

Just when you thought it was safe to internet after FREAK, a new NSA threat is disclosed.

Arizona Hot:
Interesting "stuff"

Watch Out, Brands The Controversial .Sucks Domain Is Almost Here

Interesting "stuff"

Jupiter May Be Behind The Mysterious 'Gaping Hole' In Our Solar System

Jupiter might have wrecked the first version of our solar system - The Washington Post


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