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Interesting "stuff"

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Freemason, Rosicrucians, clones of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, aliens, weaponizing the orbit around Earth, and a lot more!

Yeah, it's a lot of fun!  :up:

If you want to listen to it as a podcast, you can download it then convert it with RAT.

Arizona Hot:
Who would use something that large with a laptop that small?

Alienware Graphics Amplifier Add a desktop video card to a laptop

Baton, which works through deep integration of the cloud into the operating system, allows someone to download a game, play the first level, and hand it off to a nearby tablet and continue playing the following level. Or load a website on one device and have that site pop up on the other device.
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Meet Baton, the ultimate handoff tool between Android devices - CNET

Arizona Hot:
Interesting "stuff"

Unwrapping Lollipop: Ars talks to Android execs about the upcoming OS  Ars Technica

The Droid Turbo smart phone, a Motorola-made Verizon exclusive, offers an appealing all-star collection of today’s most advanced smart phone features, including a mammoth battery that will allow you to watch the entire six-film "Star Wars" saga with power to spare, the company claims. The phone is quick on the charge, as well. If you find yourself with a near-dead battery, you can resurrect it with up to 8 hours of talk time with just a 15-minute recharge using a USB 2.0 adapter.
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Droid Turbo speeds onto the scene with a near-immortal battery

Arizona Hot:

Shoot 360-degree video with Ricoh's newest camera

Arizona Hot:
A victim of a domestic abuse attack managed to covertly alert the police to her appalling predicament by pretending to order a pizza.

The unidentified victim ordered a "large with half pepperoni, half mushroom and peppers" from a 911 operative who was at first baffled and believed it to be a prank call.

Thankfully they soon realised the severity of the situation and sent police to the house in question.

The full call went like this...

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Domestic Abuse Victim Orders Pizza From 911 To Alert Police To Violent Attack

Don't try ordering a pizza from DonationCoder though.


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