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Interesting "stuff"

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Arizona Hot:
Interesting "stuff"

Vampire Repellent Pepper Spray

Interesting "stuff" Monster Repellant Spray Prescription Labels

Try these unless all your friends are zombies and vampires.

Arizona Hot:
Zombie Repellent! 4-6 oz bottle. A must have for you Walking Dead lovers, a gag gift perhaps but the properties in this spray are not a joke - Rosemary has been discovered to be quite useful in dementia patients during studies done the last few berry is a great hangover helper and helps to ward off nightmares, and green chai tea protects against malevolent spirits. This spray can be used as a "no more monster" spray for your child's bad dreams by just spraying around and under the bed to assist in easy sleep. (Lavender also can be used in this way).
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Zombie Repellent

Interesting "stuff"

Zombie Repellent Spray

...E-banking tip: Mom's maiden name? Say 'grapefruit'
-Arizona Hot (February 27, 2016, 12:54 PM)
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Interesting link, thanks.
It's to that seems to be one of those sites that has an annoying pop-up telling you what you are "agreeing to" by default:

Note the instruction: "By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Notice and Terms of Service."

Unfortunately, having someone instructing me like this is almost guaranteed to spark the immediate thought in response:
"No I don't agree, and you can't make me agree in a free society, so you can shove it where the sun don't shine." - and I'd avoid using that website in future.
I mean, why do they have to take such a silly dictatorial stance - one which is almost guaranteed to put some people's backs up?
Why the heck can't they be polite, respectful and apologetic - like so many other sites are - about the fact that they are obliged to treat the website access as a tacit agreement and to tell you about it, due to some (stupid) bureaucratic ordinance?
Well, the answer is likely to be that their editorial staff either haven't got a polite and respectful attitude towards their readers (unlikely), or have had their editorial control in this matter taken away from them by corporate lawyers who certainly don't possess a polite and respectful attitude towards any readers.

I say this because I couldn't care less about reading the Privacy Notice or Terms of Service, and I am unlikely to ever read either of them, and furthermore there is a well-established rule of law in Contract that "Silence does not constitute agreement" to any contract - particularly relevant, for example, in the case of the formerly prevalent unethical practice of some companies that would send people unsolicited goods (Encyc. Brit. being one of the prime offenders as I recall) and then demand payment.

Thus, it is a contractual matter. The law was eventually changed such that (I think) the recipient of such unsolicited goods had no liability except maybe for a temporary duty of care only for the goods, allowing sufficient time for the senders to retrieve them at their own cost.


One sometimes thinks "They might regret making that logical fallacy". Nowhere more satisfying to see than in political debates that have been reduced to slanging matches.

UK Conservative Party poster from 1929 warning of the threat of Ramsay MacDonald's Labour party proclaims "Socialism Would Mean Inspectors All Round", and depicts a beleaguered Englishman in his home surrounded by officials prying into his affairs.
Date:     1929
Author:  Conservative Party

Somewhat ironic in view of the current UK Conservative-led government under Cameron pushing legislation to enforce State surveillance for all.
Hat tip to George Orwell.

Stoic Joker:
Interesting "stuff"3 other hacks FBI could use on killer's iPhone besides an Apple key
-Arizona Hot (February 25, 2016, 11:37 PM)
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Apparently the feds had a forth option of not screwing up the phone in the first place..


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