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My Gadget Idea: "Timestamper Disc"

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YES! Then go trolling with an overly-broad interpretation of the patent and all of a sudden you no longer need Kickstarter~! ;D-Renegade (August 20, 2013, 09:59 PM)
--- End quote ---

I'm coming for you rennie!! 

soon as my gun finishes printing, watch out!!

Sheesh! No good deed goes unpunished. :P ;)

Mouser's idea has some advantages over paper stickers. You get served a countup time directly and don't have to calculate it from the date+clock stamp written on the paper sticker. You can very quickly reset the counter. If the device had a small LED it could notify you when time is up.

I think it's not a bad idea to develop it as a mobile app. Sell packs of 100-500 stickers with unique 2D barcodes (QR codesw) that are just unique identifiers that you can assign to different tasks/meanings. Then use the mobile app on your phone to scan it to reset the counter.

This will have the benefit of it remaining cheap (stickers should be cheap to produce), thin, and the mobile app acts as the counter/timer with quick and easy to read displays and can also store a log and do a lot more fun stuff with the data.

Or just sell the app itself for a couple of dollars and let the user print out their own barcodes, or optionally sell the packs of QR code stickers for people who don't want to print out their own.

Well i've been looking for an ios iphone 5 / android app idea, so maybe this is a good small one.


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