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The fun of installing custom router firmware (tomato, dd-wrt) - an introduction

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I have one non-trivial problem to report after using Tomato for a while.  My Windows 7 laptop will occasionally lose its connection to the wireless router, and nothing i do to repair/reconnect/etc will get it back until i reboot.

What router is it?  I have that problem with my router also... another alternative to rebooting your PC is to restart the router.

It's a Netgear WRT54GL.  There's no problem with the wired devices -- it's just the wireless machine that this happens on -- and it didn't happen with stock firmware.  I do find it surprising that i can't restablish the connection short of rebooting -- i would have thought that turning off the laptop wifi adapter or doing other things would have nearly identical effect.

I'm surprised you didn't have it with the stock firmware- I had that same router and had that same problem stock.  And yes, it's just the wireless devices that I have the problem with.  I think that something gets bollixed in configuration that is maintained in state, and turning off the interface doesn't necessarily reset that.  At least, that's my theory.

I think i may just splurge for a new wireless router.. the WRT54GL has a bit of trouble reaching the far end of my house anyway..


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