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Errors when .ini number format doesn't match current regional settings



I'm hereby resurrecting an old thread about the same topic.

The current implementation of ScreenShot Captor yields fatal errors such as:

Screenshot Captor
'1.0' is not a valid floating point value.

if the .ini file contains numbers represented using a format different from the current "regional settings."

This problem will occur whenever the user changes the settings.

With my developer hat on, my feeling is that this should not be, because the user-configurable number formatting settings are related to UI, i.e. it specifies how the user wants to enter data, and how the system should present numbers displayed to the user--not how applications should internally represent information that the user will never see.

So I would suggest that the code be modified so that the encoding of numbers (or dates, or time, or whatever) in the configuration file(s) be independent from the input / display settings the user might want to choose.

What do you think?

Yes you are correct of course, this is a silly bug that's been in place for far too long.  time to fix.


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