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REQUEST: Add ZIP/RAR functionality to s_playlistmaker

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Hey skwire,
I was the original requester of s_playlistmaker. I think you'll be happy to know I use this software on a WEEKLY basis and has remained the standard on all my computers.

I have run into a snag and I hope you can help me.  I am building a PC Karaoke setup using OGG+CDG (converted my MP3s>OGG) files.  I use Winamp +CDG plugin to play them.  Each file will be zipped (.ZIP) format to save 30-40% of space.

For example:
5 Help Me Make It.cdg
5 Help Me Make It.ogg

5 Help Me Make

My request for s_playlistmaker which I hope you can implement easily. Can you add ZIP and RAR support to the creation of playlists?  I want to be able to add files to my karaoke songs folder (all zip files), drag it into s_playlistmaker, and product a m3u or m3u8 (with zip files' names) and subsequently  drag this file into Winamp +CDG plugin.

There is a way I can do this already, but holy crap it's a royal PITA (involves WinRAR, spinzip and about hours worth of time just to create 1 playlist)

Please please please tell me you can/are willing to do this! :D

So, given your above example, how would the playlist file look?

I made a m3u file from s_playlistmaker and replaced .mp3 with .zip

Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing .zip
Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On

Basically, all I would need to do is just allow a .zip file to be matched (along with all the audio-related extensions I already match), eh?  If so, sure, I can easily add this.

Yes. It should be option in the dropdown box for ZIP files or RAR files. 

Just to clarify, it would NOT be BOTH mp3 and zip. The file would only contain .zip entries if that option is chosen. 

yay skywire! Thanks so much. This will be a great help for me.  Let me know if I can do anything to help you.


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