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I'm sooo exhausted with the overhyping of everything.

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I consciously try to avoid to popular media to great degrees, and I'm STILL exhausted by hearing about all the nonsense, overhyped things going on in recent years.  Maybe it's always been this way, I don't know.
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If you've read "1984" and "Brave New World", you don't need to read the news. :P

But I know what you mean about hype. All the most unimportant things are hyped beyond galactic proportions, meanwhile the news that actually matters either never gets mentioned or gets an off-hand mention. e.g. Atrocities by US-backed foreign rebel fighters in Syria and near universal support for Assad by the Syrian people, etc. Gee... the kindling for WWIII just isn't important enough for the news...

Try reading some alternative news as what you hear is radically different. And there's no non-stop celebrity gossip or non-issue news.

But, what do you expect from the MSM when it's owned by 6 PR companies. :P

And no - it hasn't always been this way. It's much worse now. I've been the editor for an industry journal for about 14 years and I've noticed the downhill slide. News is nothing more than press releases from industry and government - journalism is almost dead.

So if just regurgitating press releases isn't real journalism, don't you think it's time for a change of vocabulary?

How about gerbilism...would that adequately describe the form of journalism currently being practiced?


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