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Must...stop...playing...that addictive game!

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I beat this one 4 times so far...     :-[

It gets quite tricky!

Oh Nooooooo - another riff on Frozen Bubble rears it's ugly head!!!!

Yes, that game concept is addictive. There's also a commercial program called Snood that works much the same way. It's a computer virus AFAIC. Except it infects the user. Most people lose a few hours the first time they play it.

FrozenBubble and its relatives have been banned from all my computers.


P.S. Gave it a try. Not bad at all! It introduces a few wrinkles of its own, which is always cool. But I really don't like how the endgame works in this one. It's sorta interminable. It's also way too easy to aim, and some of the physics on the bank shots behaved a little oddly IMO. At least they did on my machine. It is fun though. Took me three tries and 15 minutes I shouldn't have wasted to clear the board.

And now that I've tried it, I will do my best to not remember the link to it. Because that way madness lies. ;D

I beat this one 4 times so far...     :-[
-IainB (July 11, 2013, 02:19 AM)
--- End quote ---

Gah.... they keep on dropping!

Stoic Joker:
Crap, there went 2 hours.


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