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Lost at sea: Evi Nemeth


Sad day. :(

The Unix/Linux world received official notice from New Zealand rescue authorities that Evi Nemeth, along with her fellow crew members of the schooner Nina, have been formally declared "lost at sea."

The Nina

The Nina encountered severe weather off the coast of New Zealand on June 4th. The last message received from the vessel included the ominous word that: "Sails shredded last night." The promised follow up message providing a course update was never received.

Evi Nemeth has a long history in the Unix world. In professional circles she's well known for her work in cryptography. But she's best known to most geeks as the lead coauthor of the Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook - the definitive 1344-page must-have Linux reference manual - now in its fourth edition. If anything was ever close to being considered a real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Evi's masterpiece of sysadmin lore was it.

So long Evi. You will be missed - and remembered.

(Note: The Register has a really good article on Evi Nemeth and the Nina story. Read it here. More on the Nina can be found here in an earlier article by SAILfeed. Find it here.)


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