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Time lapse video (thread)

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See previous post, and link below, for more info on this one:

A lovely storm one from the 'Interesting' thread:

Timelapse of Insane Storm at the Grand Canyon - YouTube
-Arizona Hot (October 07, 2015, 07:04 PM)
--- End quote ---

more storms, great footage
I love the quote at the beginning :)


not crazy about the sudden changes in pace, but otherwise very much enjoyed :up:

via imaging-resource

A lot of time-lapses are too quick for my taste -- I find they end up being a bit jerky, feeling hurried with too little time spent on each scene.

This one got the balance perfect imo, [edit] along with wonderful photography and editing [/edit]

The Lion City II - Majulah (Singapore)

by the same author, an interesting one where everything gets the 'minaturised' effect:

(The Lion City by Keith Loutit)

again via imaging-resource

Get dreamy!

This one is Hong Kong - all images are mirrored, once, or sometimes twice to give a kaleidoscope effect.
I loved it

Time lapse video (thread)

The Allegory of the Cave (Vimeo link)

I dont think I can embed Vimeo video, can I?


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