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Time lapse video (thread)

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I thought there was already a timelapse video thread here but couldnt find any -
so have a look at this absolutely amazing video, with the option to post any others if you want

Oh yeah, there's the option to run it at "Original" quality (4k?), or see it on vimeo

Wow. That's amazing! Interesting how at about 3:15 the trees ripple in the wind like a grassy lawn. Thanks for sharing! :-*


Perseid Meteors 8-12-2013 All-Night Fisheye Timelapse (Composited Ver) V12851x

Cruise ship getting a remake - and an extension :tellme:
it's hard to understand if they just cut it apart, or was it desigened to be extensible. Worth watching full screen anyways.


posted in the 'Interesting...' thread by ewemoa, thought I'd add it to the collection here

Reminded me of Perpetual Ocean -- may be y'all seen it already :)
-ewemoa (October 15, 2014, 06:04 AM)
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also brilliant - reminds me of Van Gogh's paintings :-)
-tomos (October 15, 2014, 08:24 AM)
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