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How to activate hyperlinks, in ScreenCaptor v4.3 ?

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How or where, do I activate hyperlinks in, ScreenShot Captor program? Thank you much.

Can you elaborate what you mean by activating hyperlinks?

My apologies, what I should have first asked was: Does ScreenCaptor have the ability (feature) to include hyperlinks within the saved captured document? And if so, instructions on how to activate it?

With such a robust screen capture program, I took for granted, it would be a standard feature to retain 'active links' within a captured document.

Static image files like .jpg, .bmp and .png do not have support for embedding links in the picture, you'll need to wrap the image in another format, like an Office file (.doc/.docx/.odt) or a web-page, to have features like that.

To be clear: you CAN embed information like links inside an image file as part of the file COMMENTS.

Screenshot Captor does this automatically and any comments you write in the bottom memo/notes area of a screenshot are stored within the file comments, and you are of course free to add hyperlinks there.

In fact, Screenshot Captor has an option that will AUTOMATICALLY capture the URL of the webpage you are capturing and embed it in the file comments/note field to help you keep track of where the screenshot came from.

BUT, as Ath says, you can't have those links *DO* anything -- they are just embedded comments in the file and are only really useful for keeping track of notes about the screenshot.


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