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Making the most of your Microsoft Excel.


EDIT 2013-07-04: Oops, sorry for the duplication. I just did a search and saw this had already been posted about by @dspelley Excel graphics?
I had been intending to make a post about how incredibly useful Excel had become in the MS Office 2013 incarnation, when I stumbled upon this:
Old Japanese Man Creates Amazing Art Using Excel (Wait, Excel?)

Amazing what can happen when you let an old artist - who is ignorant of PC technology - loose with MS Excel.
" can't do that with Excel!"
Apparently, nobody told him he couldn't, so...

And he's been doing this for about 10 years too, so it's not just Excel 2013 that had such potential use.

Other/related links:
Stunning Japanese Paintings Created in Microsoft Excel
The Excel Drawings of Danielle Aubert

Stoic Joker:
Now, That is incredibly cool!

Just plain unreal!  :Thmbsup:

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