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taking screenshot WITHOUT saving to file

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Hello users,

I had to register to the forum to ask for yyour help.
Quite often I use Screenshot Captor to capture fixed areas of my screen and use them in e-mails or presentations.

To be honest I find the program preferences window way too complicated now.

What I need is:
 - screenshot to be sent to Windows clipboard
 - screenshot should NOT be saved to a file

Thanks in advance

I searched my ScreenshotCaptor.ini but still did not find the right setting.

The latest beta gives a couple of options that would make copying to clipboard easier (using the post-capture dialogue).

Can you try the new beta i've uploaded just now (download link on this thread).

And try these new options: (see attachment in previous post)
-mouser (June 21, 2013, 02:11 AM)
--- End quote ---

You're probably aware of this one: I dont use it myself but IIUC the screenshot can be automatically saved to clipboard -
Post-capture options: Copy to Clipboard: [Image Bitmap]
there is the option to copy file there as well - I'm not sure what exactly the difference, possibly no file is saved when using image bitmap (?)

Hi tomos,

thanks for your help.
Indeed, I am using the most recent beta release, as previous versions stopped working with an error message for me.

I have already set the post capture behaviour to "copy to clipboard: image bitmap".
What I want to avoid is that every time an image file gets dumped into the screenshot folder.

If nothing else, you could go into the Post-Capture Options and use the Post Capture Commandline Tools to Run section to invoke a command to delete the screenshot file ("del %file%" assuming that quotes are included if needed).

If it's not possible to not save, please consider supporting this functionality :)


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