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Blowback from Snowden's revelations... this isn't pretty...

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We don't have (and never will) the full story on anything that happens
-wraith808 (June 26, 2013, 01:48 PM)
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 :huh: Actually...that's a very key point. None of us really do any more. Little of anything beneath all this is directly verifiable. What is emerging as "fact" is the result of inductive and deductive reasoning.

We're largely discussing things we don't really know for sure about. Information we believe to be true - largely based on what we've been told -  by nothing resembling what you'd call disinterested parties.

Not exactly a good set of "facts" to base a discussion on is it? ;D

Ok... you can't get more ironic than this.  In response to the Snowden situation, the CIA came up with a system to stop leaks.

It was just leaked....

Snowden confirms the NSA behind Stuxnet... and a lot more.

most telling quote...

Question: But now as details of this system are revealed, who will be brought before a court over this?

Snowden: Before U.S. courts? You're not serious, are you? When the last large wiretapping scandal was investigated - the interception without a court order, which concerned millions of communications - that should really have led to the longest prison sentences in world history. However, then our highest representatives simply stopped the investigation. The question, who is to be accused, is theoretical, if the laws themselves are not respected. Laws are meant for people like you or me - but not for them.

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This is a good one too...

Question: What are the major monitoring programs active today, and how do international partners help the NSA?

Snowden: The partners in the "Five Eyes" (behind which are hidden the secret services of the Americans, the British, the Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians -- ed.) sometimes go even further than the NSA people themselves. Take the Tempora program of the British intelligence GCHQ for instance. Tempora is the first "I save everything" approach ("Full take") in the intelligence world. It sucks in all data, no matter what it is, and which rights are violated by it. This buffered storage allows for subsequent monitoring; not a single bit escapes. Right now, the system is capable of saving three days’ worth of traffic, but that will be optimized. Three days may perhaps not sound like a lot, but it's not just about connection metadata. "Full take" means that the system saves everything. If you send a data packet and if makes its way through the UK, we will get it. If you download anything, and the server is in the UK, then we get it. And if the data about your sick daughter is processed through a London call center, then ... Oh, I think you have understood.

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