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Launchbar commander not saving to PC.

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John Barnett:
Hi, Just installed Launchbar Commander on my Windows 7 Home Premium PC and when saving I get an error which I have attached as a screen shot. I reinstalled the program but this made no difference.

I look forward to your reply


Did you, by any chance, install LBC by unpacking the portable zipfile into the Program Files directory?

Ath's question is a good one -- if you copied the files to the directory from the portable release instead of using the installer or copied the files from an xp computer, then it would be configured to try to store the data in the Program Files directory which is not right.  You are not allowed to save files there on win 7.

In fact, just from looking at the directory it's trying to save in we know that it's trying to save someplace it shouldn't be.  On simple answer is to delete the configdir.ini file that is in that C:\Program Files\LaunchBarCommander directory, and remember to save your launch bars in a directory inside your documents directory. 

John Barnett:
Thank you for your reply. I uninstalled LBC and removed any leftover files or folders, I then reinstalled using the LBC setup file (I never used the portable version) the is now located in the Documents file, is this correct ? however I still get an error as shown in the screen shot.

What am I ding wrong?

Windows 7 HP

Hmm.. why isn't it able to save the file there?


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