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Run/Execute Cell Data


Dear Friends
I find Snap DB to be a nice piece of Work.. :) ... Pleas can anyone explain what is meant By
Run/Execute Cell Data  ( Ctrl+R ) .. any example Pls.

Hi, abalmahmood, and welcome to the DonationCoder site.  The Run/Execute function will attempt to "run" whatever is in the cell.  Basically, it would be like pasting the contents of the cell into the standard Windows Run prompt and pressing Enter.  So, you can use it for things like:

A file or folder e.g.: c:\path\to\my.exe, c:\path\to\image.png
A URI/URL with "://" in it e.g.
'mailto:' links e.g. mailto:[email protected]

Does that make sense?

Hi, skiwire, thanks for your concern and fast reply.   Yes it makes a lot of sense.
I am a Heavy MS Excel User and I was thinking..OK..What sort of Formulas can we have,
and mathematical functions...etc...
You made it very clear....Thanks
The Fact that you used Autohotkey is amazing ... Wow...Take care  :Thmbsup:  :D


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