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The files inside the wordpress directory should inside public_html


public_ html
        |_____ wp-config-sample.php
        |_____ wp-activate.php
        |_____ wp-admin (directory)

Willing to do the move if you want (if not wraith or yourself)

You don't upload the wp folder, justs contents, if I understand. And the contents (files and subdirs) should be uploaded to /public_html

Yes just contents of the wordpress folder, and those contents go inside the public_html folder

yup... rgdot got you squared it seems.  Let me know if you have any more difficulties, and I can take a look.

Ok, I'm now uploading all 1,000+ files from the Wordpress folder to the public_html folder. Still wouldn't mind your help in setting it up, wraith or rgdot. Not at all conversant with php or DBs.


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