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IDEA: invisible application to update a text file on ftp server

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Currently I use update-ip little application to update a text file on my ftp server with my current ip address.

Would it be possible to request a little app here, that would have hard-coded ftp server info and would upload a little text file with the current ip address in it replaced.

My client wants this so the only access to his website by his employees is done from their computers at work.

So the app would need to run invisibly so the employees are not even aware of this additional security measure.

This way they would not be able to login from home or from any other place.

update-ip is visible running in the taskbar, so that's not useful.

update-ip is doing the job fine but is not invisible, it also uses a template file, here is the template file I use:

dim MY_IP
MY_IP = "<!--IP--!>"

then the file is included and script knows my ip and I get better treatment on the server =)

What do you think?

You might not need a new program, you could investigate running your current solution as an NT service which might hide it better. Not sure though.

I definitely would prefer a hard coded app that would just send the file to ftp server with current ip every 5 minutes or so. And remain invisible in task list after installation.

there are a lot of programs that do this kind of thing (upload page with your current ip).
you might see if one of the others has a no-tray option.. i'll bet you can find one.

so basically you are saying that your current program works well you just want it hidden is that right?

pretty much, it would also be nice to be able to just run install from cd or usb flash drive and that's it

also, there could possibly be simpler thing, simple url request rather than ftp upload would also work.

with a text file of the url to be requested or if possible ability to edit the executables hard coded url.

is that possible?


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