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Worth Reading: Trevor Pott's editorial on NSA PRISM and its real ramifications

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Stoic Joker:
I'm not so sure that the government is entirely to blame at this point. It's their alphabet soup minion that's completely out of hand. Nobody really knows what these overpowered spooks are up to. My take on a solution:

Repeal the Patriot Act immediately - It's a rabid dog level bad idea and needs to be put down accordingly.

Keep the FBI - They get to handle the internal "big stuff".

Keep the CIA - Yes even with their insanely checkered past they get to stay (on a short leash) and handle the outside (the country) stuff.

Coastguard and boarder patrol can stay - They do at least server a function.

The rest of the alphabet spooky soup agencies get disbanded, disassembled, and completely destroyed (e.g. no storing of volatile "records" that could get misused later on..).

Now we only have two agencies that should have no problem cooperation with each other - Oh what a selling point that was for half of this evil crap back in post 01 - and should stay nice and too busy doing their actual jobs to be pissing around in the citizenry's business.

Stop all this idiotic touchy feely squeal to mommy 'if you see something say something' bullshit. If anybody learned anything from flight 93...(which displayed the forethought to choose to disobey the prevailing wisdom of cooperating with hijackers)...the correct answer is if you see something Do Something..!

Take twenty minutes and go say hi to you neighbors now and then and get to know them like a proper community is supposed to. Don't spy on them out a window making blind assumption on whether or not to report their behavior to the authorities. It's impossible to unify a bunch of people that speed all their time peek out the curtains looking for the boogie man. Which is precisely what they want ... Scared people who are afraid to talk and are easy to control/lead (to their demise).

This isn't about party.  It's about the whole government.  And unless we can/are willing to throw them all away and start over
-wraith808 (June 20, 2013, 12:07 PM)
--- End quote ---

wraith, I don't know your party affiliation, and it's none of my business. But whatever it is (assuming you have one), are you willing to vote entirely against that party to ensure that the jerks who perpetrated these things are kicked out?

And will you be willing to vote in that other guy even if his platform is anti-[your favorite sacred cow]?

And will you be willing to do so one year, or even three years from now, when you've cooled down a little (and maybe even forgotten)?

I've never (and will never) vote along party affiliations.  I vote for the person that I perceive to be the best for the job.  It's the only way the system as set forth works, and also the reason that it doesn't... because most don't.


How about this wrinkle in light of the moving news stories?

Slashdot's title:
"Cornell Researchers Unveil a Virtual Notary"

From the actual site:
"Welcome to Virtual-Notary - a free and secure electronic notary service.
How does it work?

You select a factoid that you would like notarized. We check that factoid, create a record of it that you can refer to later, and issue you a cryptographically-signed certificate that attests to that factoid.

What would you like notarized?

*Web Page
Notarize the HTML content of a web page*"

(Emphasis Mine)

Unintentionally funny in light of this conversation... I received a note of a graphic novel on sale on DriveThruComics.  Looked a the sample... and had to post this screen cap.

huge image and vaguely political


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