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Help me Improve my Culinary Card Game for Kickstarter: Cooking Party Cards

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WOW this picture is very appealing, it looks fun to play!
Something like this could be used for the kickstarter campaign along with a video, maybe a flash tutorial with interactive labels explaining the game rules.
I wonder if there is some chef and barman among the community who can help you with exotic foods and cocktails.

A couple of more ideas:
* funny fruit juice blends and also ice-creams.
* one perk could be a digital version of the game to play online,
enyojs and phonegap allow multiplatform and playing online, they might work well for a card game light on ram.

Since it seemed like I was never going to kickstart this, I just updated the download to include complete print-to-play pdfs for all the cards, added an entry on board game geek and decided to just make this a free print-to-play download.

Board Game Geek page for the game:


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