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Need help with FARR appearance tweaks


First thing:
I learned so much from this board so I hope that whatever I ask has a solution. I think this is my first time posting. I was hesitant to ask here at first because it's kinda intimidating, aside from the fact that mouser (thank you, btw) isn't a big fan of custom skinning. But then again, why not. So here goes.

First thing and a half:
FARR had been living in my hard disk unused for a long time since at the time Launchy is workable.
I like Launchy because: Hello, eye candy. And coming from a launch-via-dock culture (i.e. Rocketdock), appearance is a supplement that's no longer just an option but a reward to users (Yes, that's an emphasis  ;D).
I don't like Launchy anymore because: It's 2013 and the latest release was two Windows OSes ago. And well, it seemed to be not optimized to newer OSes and the fact that indexing i supposed to speed things up, why the heck is Launchy always lagging? Not to mention that the occasional updating of index affects my workflow to the point that I have to spend 10 minutes smoking so my PC wouldn't throw a tantrum if I continue using it (Yes, I'm a multi-tasker who abuse my RAM  ;))
So now I switched to FARR. And with slenderFARR skin, everything is operable. But because my eyes just can't take in too much whiteness, I also tried to create my own skin (see screenshots below), a "skill" I attribute to the resources I found here.

Question no. 1 has something to do with VCL Skin Builder:
Need help with FARR appearance tweaks
1) What is HeaderControl? Coz I don't see anything change when I tested changing it with a pure neon-green image.

Question 2 still regarding VCL Skin Builder:
Need help with FARR appearance tweaks
2) How do I change the appearance of that thing labeled "Toolbar" and "Button2"?

Finally, Question 3:
Need help with FARR appearance tweaks Need help with FARR appearance tweaks
3)Since the searchbar and result box is not affected by the skin, how do I tweak its appearance? Yes, I did find it in the Options, but how do I choose colors other than what's listed in the dropdown selection? Can I used an image to make it as background?

Thank you to anyone who'll help. :)


hi ajfudge!

I don't know the answers to #1 and #2, but for #3, you did find the right option for it (on the advanced visuals tab in FARR settings).  I will change the color controls in those options so that you can pick any color not just from a dropdown list, and i'll look into the possibility of using an image as background.

hi mouser,

Thanks! Anyway, I'm finding it weird that the extension column's bg color did not change, as can be seen in the screenshot. Is this normal?

I discovered your other app. Screen Captor. It looks promising so I'm trying it out right now. I noticed that it has some extra selection for colors. That's nice :)

Anyway, I hope someone could help me with VCL Builder.

I'm finding it weird that the extension column's bg color did not change,
--- End quote ---

sounds like a bug, putting it on my todo list to fix.


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