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The Teardrop Memorial



  Here is something that was easily forgotten, though I don't know why.  Our friends in Russia built this monument for the citizens of the U.S. in honor of 9/11 and all the other people killed by terrorist.  But it was a big controversy from many that wanted their 15 minutes of fame, but what I'll call their 15 Minutes of Shame.  Yes, there were opponents of this monument and they fought hard to keep it from being built.  For the life of me I don't understand why, unless they were all pro-terrorist or just hated Russians.  Either way, it was finally completed and then quickly forgotten.  Nary a mention in the media or by our government.

  So to the Russians I say "Thank you for such a beautiful gift to honor our fallen".

Hm, never heard of it before.  Thank you for the reference.  And thank you Mr. Tsereteli.

It's a good piece, simple enough for even me to get, compassion in response to the horrific.  How could you reject that?


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