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Some guidelines and rules about posting on the forum

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Okay, couple of suggestions:

in order to make things a little clearer for posters:
there needs to be a sticky "guidelines" thread similar to this one in both the Software and Living Room boards.

I'd separate out the biggees (politics/religion/financial-advice) from the minor/practical list.

* List one could be the biggees
* List two: the details, e.g. dont use shortened urls etc.
I note that the financial advice is not included in OP.

Maybe expand slightly on the political aspect - or maybe not? It seems pretty simple to me and the way you've phrased it is good: "topics of politics and religion should be avoided on the forum unless it is an issue directly impacting technology."
One problem is that, if there is a political issue "directly impacting technology" (or vice-versa), it's easy to slip into more 'pure' politics e.g. having a dig at a politician, or a political party - which could also be described as getting 'gratuitiously political' ;-) So maybe a comment about that too?


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