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Request: Selected Region and Fixed Region Outline Line Style


Would it be possible to change the line style of the outline box for both "Selected Region" and "Fixed Region" captures from the red/white dashed line to a solid black or red line? It wouldn't hurt if if it was a hair thicker as well.

Having the line color dynamically invert from red on white backgrounds to a lighter color on darker backgrounds would be even better than a fixed color on all backgrounds. This dynamic line color selection is how fixed region selection works on FastSone Viewer.

The white and dashed line works well on dark backgrounds, but not as well on light backgrounds. The majority of my captures are light or white backgrounds and the lines somtimes are hard to distinguish during the capture.

Somehow our colors of selection outline are different.  (Unless they automatically change color to contrast w/ the image's colors).  Mine is black, dashed - fairly visible & I'm not a youngster.
I'm guessing most drawing apps used dashed lines to make it obvious against backgrounds / images.  (though a couple have choices for selection line style)

The lines that I'm referring to are the lines that are visible at the time the image is being captured using the "Capture>Grab Selected Region" and "Capture>Grab Fixed Size Region" options. I think the box you are referring to is the selection box that appears in the post capture editing.

Gotcha.  They could be a bit darker / more visible, for my taste.  I imagine they're red, not black because of so many dark backgrounds on web pages, etc., vs almost no red backgrounds.  I think mouser should drop everything & program the capture image outline color to automatically change to the color opposite (or a strong contrast) to the predominant image color being captured.   :D


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