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Multi-Edit Lite 2008 - Free MAY 19th

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Not sure if this is any use to anyone but I thought I'd mention it:

is this being updated? looks like one year license, but.. 2008?  :-\

That's the first giveaway that I can recall from them since they started doing giveaways last November that has a restricted license.

Sorry about that but there is no indication that it is limited until you run the installer.  :huh:

Even worse than normal for giveaway of the day- in the readme.txt

"Multi-Edit Lite 2008 1-Year Evaluation Code"

Multi-Edit is a cool program.  But their practices on sales drove me away from them.

Considering how the selection of a text editor is usually the start of a long-term relationship (since most people pick one and get really good at using it rather than try out each new editor as it comes out) it's important IMO to trust and respect the publisher.

When software publishers start playing games like this, I rapidly lose any interest in them or the products they offer - no matter how good or "better" they may be.

Truth is, a text editor is a text editor. It's a mature enough family of apps that virtually any "professional editor" will likely do the job just as well as another. The rest of what they do is more in the "nice to have" feature category.

With that in mind, I'd definitely steer clear of publishers that play licensing and word games with their terms and terminology. Even if it's a giveaway. Possibly even more so because it's (supposedly) a giveaway.



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