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Can Vista app crash pop ups be scrolling captured correctly?


I've used several SSC versions & now latest 4.03 portable, to try & capture the windows app crash pop ups.  I may not have discovered the right choices in SSC's scrolling capture UI, but SSC doesn't capture these Windows pop ups the same as other windows.

It does capture all of the window (scrolls vertically & horiz.), but the best I've gotten is a stack of about 5 capture windows, where each window repeats a good bit of info from the previous one.

I end up using "Splice out strip defined by selection" to cut several screens from the middle & splicing the top  & bottom.  Which isn't that bad - I'm just asking if there are options to choose in the scrolling capture window so it correctly captures THIS type of window.

So, as you figured out, the SpecialFx2 spliceout command can be very useful if you have to fix a scrolling capture that didn't turn out right.

But you should also PROBABLY be able to fix that from within the scrolling capture interface by tweaking some of the overlap options in the final step of Scrolling Capture.  It may be that it doesn't GUESS the overlaps correctly on that page, but you should be able to manually tweak them and see the results before you complete the stitching.

Thanks - I figured that much.  If there's no quick answer - "for that type screen, here's the options you need to select," then I'll have to study some tutorials more.

I was able to get it to piece together only 2 screen by selecting "user will scroll manually."  BUT... using that method results in a LOT of repeated screens: "scroll up / down 1 page / line, then click OK."

I'd scroll up to top of the very short screen (or it was already at the top), click OK, but the same message popped up repeatedly.  I got that method to work ONCE, but on several other tries, the SSC msgs to scroll up /  down & click OK kept popping up.  It has a "Tip" that says, "If you can't scroll that much, just hit OK at end."  End of what?

When I clicked OK on those msg screens after scrolling the window down, it just popped up another.  Often w/ same instructions, but sometimes different.  Seemed like a loop.  By the manual scrolling method, the numerous & persistent pop ups make it impossible to get consistent results.  For such a short window, that has no horizontal scrolling, seems like it should only ask once to scroll down once, then click OK - & that'd be the end of it.  Not the case, at all.

Tried several other methods - different options in scrolling capture.  All resulted in same extreme # of repeated duplicate messages about scrolling, but following the prompts had very poor results.  Seemed the prgm couldn't sense that I'd (or it, depending on selections) already scrolled to the bottom & had clicked OK.  Process was complicated - because of multiple pop up screens, to capture a screen that would take up < 1/3 of an 8.5 x 11 sheet if printed.  Results for this particular screen capture were poor for everything I tried.  Even if I got it to work once using specific options, couldn't repeat the results, because on next attempt, using same options, the "scroll nnn & hit OK" screens just wouldn't stop coming.

OK, the right steps proved to be the simplest & best results.

On this particular type screen to scroll capture, I only needed to select it (red outline, then R control).
Then click Test Window & Guess Settings.
Then Begin Scrolling / Capture
After it did its thing, then click Guess Margins & then Guess Overlaps Given Margins (should probably be a comma after, "Guess Overlaps, Given Margins."  Or a dash).

After its initial capture but before clicking any guessing buttons, it showed many repeated pages, that had duplicate info (just for those not familiar w/ it).  Clicking Guess Margins & then Guess Overlap took care of it.

SSC changes some options in scrolling capture UI, that it thinks appropriate, based on the guessing run.  Some weren't default - which is better (if it works) than me trying to guess which settings will work best.


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