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IDEA: Counter request +1/-1

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Howdy folks,

Request/idea is pretty simple, just a +1 or -1 counter on screen with a 1 key press (such as [up arrow] +1 | [down arrow] -1) to make it go in the desired direction, while doing another task in another window.  I never use those arrow keys so they would be ideal for me.  (perhaps option of picking specific keys for +1|-1 is better)

Ability to save the status with a timestamp recorded with it (as a log maybe?) would be super sweet.

If going further, I suppose a goal box in options and some type of indicator when you hit it would be cool as well.  

Thanks in advance, I wish I could do this.


Sounds like a fun idea for a snack to me. :up:

I hope so, wanted it years ago and forgot why, and had another use for it come up recently and dusted off idea and here I am.   :D

I forgot to also request a reset button, but one that wouldn't be hit accidentally, like CTRL+SHIFT+R in hindsight, a little important feature.   ;D

I don't have global hotkeys set on it and it doesn't count down, but is this something like what you had in mind?

hi app103, interesting tool, but no hotkeys for +1 or -1 makes it more a passive tool, what I had in mind was very in the moment counting tool.

Definitely in the right direction though!   8)


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