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Screenshot Capture Glitch


Muffin Maclay:
        I installed S.C earlier this week & am still discovering its many attributes. While flightsimming [Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004] i tried to select the aircraft's GPS [set up by clicking on Shift+3]  only to repeatedly find that the program shuts down instantly. I haven't changed any of the S.C defaults & would appreciate any suggestions as to fixing my problem. PS - Screenshot Captor works perfectly when taking full size screenshots with the Printscreen key only. I have never had this problem over several years of using Faststone Capture.

Can you elaborate? It sounds like you are saying you triggered a specific kind of capture from SC which causes MS Flight Sim to crash, but what kind of capture? Did you mean to say Shift+PrtScr to make a region capture?

Muffin Maclay:
   Thank you for your prompt response! I should have pointed out that while flightsimming at no time did i operate S.C, the crash only occurs when i engage the GPS function by clicking "Shift+3" which are its flightsim hotkeys. This problem disappears after i uninstall S.C.

Muffin Maclay:
My apologies Mouser - it would appear that that my problem lies somewhere in a dark corner of my PC! Once sorted i like General MacArthur shall return to install S.C. Thank you for your assistance.


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