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pdf viewer with 'overview' mode like okular?


With a big screen, okular lets you see 3 pages at once.
Trimming whitespace helps (not very successful in older versions, though).

But I don't want .5 G of small files on kde dependecies on windows.

Any pdf viewer doing something similar? Sumatra and pdfxchange don't do this.

Nothing? There's no pdf viewer in windows that shows 3 pages at once? Or the 'trim whitespace' that okular does? I'd be surprised, people have big monitors nowadays :)

-maybe get ready to be surprised?

I searched for it, when you first posted, but only found "1", "2" or "2+2", never "3".

To compare 3 pages, I expect I would use 3 different pdf viewers, via right-click.

Okular, dependecies or not, is the best pdf reader bar none.


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