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Focus Problems when deleting files via thumbs [SC]

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Inconsistently buggy behaviours discovered when spring-cleaning screenshot directory:

Thumbs have focus!

expected behaviour is -
if I click on a thumb & delete using del key - and then use up-arrow, focus moves to the file above where the deleted file was.

This used to work as above, and seems to work occasionally (when deleting one group of files it worked), but mostly not - usually it jumps to first subfolder in the directory.

I guess this is minor but still unexpected:

I often use shift and arrow keys to select a group/sequence of files.
When working up the thmbnails, the last selected file is, as expected, shown in main panel.
When working *down* the thmbnails, the *first* selected file is *incorrectly* always shown in main panel.

Windows 7 64bit

Having the same problem with focus jumping all the way to the top of my thumbnail list. When I delete files from the thumbnail panel, the focus jumps all the way to the top of the list. This causes me to have to scroll all the way down to the bottom again to delete others. The focus should just go to the next previous file in the list prior to the one(s) just deleted.

Ok, i'll have a look and report.

Thanks mouser!

a minor related problem here (no big deal, but might be helpful in diagnosing):
Seems to only happens after starting SC (normally just after rebooting in my case)

* open SC
* sorting is by creation date
* the most recent shot is showing in window
* related thumbnail is bottom of the thumbnail panel, but the panel shows the oldest thumbnails & the sub-dirs (i.e. it's at the top - should be at the bottom)
Focus Problems when deleting files via thumbs [SC]

Note, the thumnail does have focus - so if I tab to the thumbs panel and click the up arrow to go to next file, the thumbnail view *will* jump down to that file.


After deleting one or more images from the thumbnail, would you want it to actually SELECT (and load) the next thumbnail in the list (either one before or after the one deleted)?

If so, which? The one before or the one after?

Or would you strongly prefer it NOT load anything and leave the current selection blank -- as long as it didn't scroll the thumbnail panel anywhere?


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