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Need help with downloading flash video files (.flv)


Mister Floppy:
Hi guys,

I need help with downloading flash video files (.flv) from this password secured website:

To get access to the login site directly, go to:
Next, click on the text "weiter..."
Then, in the field "E-Mail-Adresse:" enter this: [email protected]
and in the field "Passwort:" this: 9Bi7Jz
Finally, press the button "OK! Login..."

Next, a flash video starts (giving an overview of more flash videos you can select/deselect on the right side)
The show continues by clicking the button "Sendung starten"

Okay, "URL Snooper" is detecting some .flv-files, for example:

But when I'm trying to download this file by typing the found URL in my download manager tool (I'm using getright from, I'm always getting an error message saying: The file couldn't be found on this server. The used URL was:

So, how can I download these files? I'm guessing I have to enter the above mentioned login data, but where and how? Is there another tool than getright to do this job?

I'm thankful for any hint!


Mister Floppy

Take a look at

RealPlayer has the functionality for downloading FLV files from the Internet to local hard disk. You can try it.


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