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SUGGESTION: Maximum Screen Size

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I am working on screen shots of an application, that uses the full screen size.
I also measure the font size, so I need the 100% zoom.

I have minimized the bottom panel and also hidden the scanner toolbar.
But I need the thumbnail panel to select different screen shots (need to read the file name, select it, modify the screen shot, go to the next screen, compare, edit and so on).

So it really would be very useful if I can un-dock the thumbnail panel (this way I can move it to the second monitor).
Same for the toolbar on the right side (including the zoom slider).

Alternatively you can add [F11] hotkey for full screen mode (like Mozilla Firefox has it).



This has been requested before -- it's an interesting idea.. Let me chew on it a bit.

In the meantime, let me tell you about a tip that you may not know about that makes all the difference in the world when dealing with an image larger than the viewpoint in SC:

TIP: You can right-click to drag and pan the image when it is zoomed.

That one tip makes all the difference in the world when it comes to working with large images.

Did you break the record?, I seem to hear it repeating a statement over and over  ;D ;D ;D

Ooops, i didn't realize this was the same thread where i already posted about this tip..  :-[


I work with Screenshot Captor daily, it really is an excellent tool.
But I really miss the "Maximum Screen Size" feature that I have suggested above.

The most urgent part of this idea would be to un-dock the screenshot panel (the list of my screenshots) and have this as a floating window.
I selected to see the Screenshot panel as a simple list on the left side.

My filenames are longer and differ just by the counter at the end.
So I need a wider panel to differ all file names, I have to switch screen shots very often.

I know that I can cklick the checkbox "Thumbnail Panel" to show and hide the panel.
But this is a very bad usability (requires many mouse clicks when I change the screenshot).
A floating panel would be very useful because I cold move this to a second monitor.

Mouser: any chance to see this?




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