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SUGGESTION: Maximum Screen Size

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I use Screenshot Captor to make screenshots of applications and mark issues (bugs) in there.
The applications run in full-screen size, so the screenshot has the same size than my screen resolution.
If I want to see the complete screen shot (to see if I have forgotten to mark some issues) I must reduce the zoom to 85%.
At this zoom it is hard to identify issues and to measure font sizes or color contrasts.
The best solution would be to see the screenshot in 100% zoom.

I suggest you allow the user to drag the Thumbnail Panel and the Toolbar (the bar with the buttons and the element properties like transparency or shadow) out of their positions, so they are floating on the screen.
This way I can move them to the second monitor.
Of cause you must allow to dock them again at their original position.

The Zoom-Slider could either be moved to the top (left to the checkbox "AutoFit") or in the statusbar.
Or you attach the zoom slider at the toolbar.

In the preferences the user can decide if the elements should be floating and where the zoom slider should be positioned.

This feature would save me many mouse clicks (zooming).
Please consider this suggestion.

An easier way for you would be to add a checkbox "Toolbar" beside "Thumbnail Panel" that shows/hides the toolbar (including the zoom slider and the element properties).
But this means I need two mouse clicks to hide the Toolbar and the Thumbnail Panel and again two mouse clicks to show them again.
A floating solution is in fact the better way (better usability).



Hello Oliver,

I really like your ideas you post here.
If you need the full screen for the image then it really would be useful if certain parts of the window could be hidden.
Did you get any answer beside this forum about this suggestion?



Hi Olli and Armin.

It's an interesting idea.. I can see some value in a full screen mode.. but it's not that easy to do.

However there are some things you can do to make it easier working on 100% magnification screenshot:

* 1. Hide the thumbnail panel (see checkbox at top left).
* 2. Turn off the scanner toolbar (in options scanner tab).
* 3. Drag the bottom panel size down to minimum.
* 4. Remember than you can right-click and drag the image to pan it -- you don't have to use scrollbars (this is the biggest tip!)

4. Remember than you can right-click and drag the image to pan it -- you don't have to use scrollbars (this is the biggest tip!)
-mouser (August 29, 2013, 09:53 AM)
--- End quote ---

this. I dont know how long this has been hidden in SC but boy am I happy to find out about it :-*
I've been cursing those scrollbars for years now ;D

I've been cursing those scrollbars for years now
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ugh that's horrible!!!

i guess i need some kind of quick tips thing, or some kind of video tutorial on things that are most useful.


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