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Microsoft continues to chip away to avoid defending its patents on their merits


Interesting bit of news. :-\ Try to read it and not get too sick. ;D

From OSNews this:

As I reported last week, Microsoft signed a far-reaching patent deal with Foxconn -- one of the world's biggest consumer electronics makers -- to draw fees for every device produced by Foxconn that runs Android or the Chrome operating system. According to BBC News, "Microsoft says that Google's code makes use of innovations it owns," and many were concerned that the Foxconn patent deal would set a precedent for more deals like it.

Sure enough, Horacio Gutierrez, Microsoft's Corporate VP & Deputy General Counsel of Legal & Corporate Affairs has put up a blog post confirming that ZTE, another one of the largest global smartphone companies, has agreed to patent license agreements with Microsoft pertaining to "phones, tablets, computers and other devices running Android and Chrome OS."
--- End quote ---

Sad. Very sad...

But hardly surprising since Microsoft has pretty much exhausted what little innovative capacity it ever had. So now it looks like we're moving more and more towards Microsoft's reinvention of itself as patent troll extraordinaire.


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