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Office 2013 drops cleartype, fonts a disaster. Any way to fix it?

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"MS Gothic" font in the font drop down box on the ribbon....

Or "MS PGothic;" just found it; it's not mono-spaced as is the MS Gothic. :-[

I just happened to be playing about with Fonts today, and revisited this discussion thread.
Thought I should report that the MS Gothic (mono-spaced) and MS PGothic (proportional) fonts - as suggested by @danno - look pretty 'orrible on the Toshiba L855D laptop in OneNote 2013 (under Win8.1-64).

Things are getting iffy in windowsland re: fonts.
Cleartype getting replaced by directwrite (or whatever the new tech for font rendering is called; the horrible one I call it :) ).
More and more apps are moving to the new rendering, and only some provide an option to 'disable graphics-accelerated rendering' or some such. Chrome and mailbird do have a fallback option. Using it, plus mactype is saving me.

But mactype is abandonware, and it's not problem-free.

Right now any office 2013 app is unusable on a big monitor with low DPI (for me). mactype doesn't help there. If this is the direction win desktop is taking (that is, more apps being unaccessible to mactype's hack)... I cannot use this platform anymore. This is a big deal for me. I don't particularly like desktop linux anymore. Nor mac :)

How are things looking on your side? Anyone finding any fixes?
Here's one:

The fact is that windows + mactype offers the best font rendering on any platform. It's just a pity that to get it I need to depend on an unsuported piece of abandonware :(

One can vote up the bug here:

Although it will most likely be ignored if history is of any use.
Easiest option is to get a high DPI monitor eventually :P Which is something only the privileged part of the world can do.


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