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Office 2013 drops cleartype, fonts a disaster. Any way to fix it?

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Otherwise, a very solid release... but office 2013 drops cleartype, fonts a disaster.

I can't use a product that reads worse than any other window on the desktop.

 Any way to fix it?

Any way to fix it?
-urlwolf (April 25, 2013, 07:18 AM)
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Apparently none. You have basically two options:

a) Fall back to 2010 (2003 I'd prefer, but not everyone is as old fashioned as me) and wait for microsoft to get its act together. Win 8.1 is supposed to fix some of the absurdities of 8, so can office 2015 help with idiocities of 2013. Yet MS may not return from the stupid track it is decidedly embarked upon, so this option may not work.

b) Get on the libreoffice bandwagon, and try to hold your temper when it does not open .doc files accurately. Recent 4.0.x version is much better than 3.x thingies, so you probably won't come across such horror scenarios though.

I'm going to use 2003 for a year or so, and when I finally upgrade this machine circa 2008, I'll move on to libreoffice.

I'm not seeing these problems with Win 8/Office 2013 - everything looks great onscreen!? Am I correct in assuming that by can't use a product that reads worse than any other window on the desktop.

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you mean that text looks pixelated and "bleeds" into the white of the screen? That's how I read what you're describing (I'm not seeing it here, though). Can you describe it/provide a screenshot?

Ran into that with some clients recently. Here's the bad news:

eleman's suggestion to fallback or switch looks like they're your only options if you're experiencing this problem. 

Right, so this supremely sucks, and shows that MS doesn't care about the desktop. Their flagship product, bringing 60% profit, doesn't look good on the desktop? So what? Buy a tablet :)

This is really braindead. Nobody is going to use office on a tablet, I bet 100% of their users are on the desktop.

My solution... this font looks ok:
HelveticaNeueLT Std Cn

Not standard, download it here:


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