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Manual scrolling was fairly simple and very successful in FF - I used the default guess margins etc and they worked perfectly,
thanks mouser :Thmbsup:

Video demonstration of new manual scrolling is here:
-mouser (April 23, 2014, 04:58 PM)
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Glad to hear it -- hopefully the new manual scrolling option means that even in the craziest of circumstances you should be able to get some semblance of a scrolled capture stitched together.

Hi forum.

My minor Bug found: In scrolling window, when I changed the settings from PNG to JPG, the horizontal scrolling (remaining Don't scroll) returned to left the horizontal bar Firefox, and then ran ​​the Vertical scrolling.

In Preferences: Why don't reverse the order of buttons: Cancel, Apply, Accept? -> Apply, Accept, Cancel.

This is a feature request.

There is one feature which I think could improve screencaptor: a custom stamp tool. (you know, where you can add images to a custom list which you can then use in your annotations. Like acrobat but better) This feature, if added, would need to allow transparent png images, or else the stamp tool would not be that useful.
I often find myself needing to annotate screenshots with images which I use all the time. I can do this with an image editor, of course, but it takes a fair bit of time...

Already possible :)

See the clipart button on the sidebar.  It comes with some nice clipart built in but you can add your own custom directories to it to use your own "stamps".

These custom images can also be used with the Screenshot Captor watermarking function, which will overlay your image but semi transparent, etc.

Let me know how it works for you!


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