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Patch to Disable ACL access-control-lists

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I would love a system patch to disable Access Control Lists.  The patch would make the system ACE agnostic, both for files and the registry.  I don't mind using a patched system file, if that is what it takes.

Presuming we're talking Windows ACLs: why on earth would you want something like that on a live system?

For the legitimate scenarios I can think of, you'd be better of with an exFAT partition or booting to Linux to salvage data...

"why on earth would you want something like that on a live system?"
Because I like the simplicity of not having ACLs.  I don't like having to wrestle with TrustedInstaller or other files or registry entries I don't have access to.  Even if you use SetACL to change ACE's to allow "Everyone" with a null SID owner, the system can still change ACE's in the future.

When you go to install Win7, it does not accept FAT32.  Only NTFS?  Don't know exFAT.  Either way, ACL would still exist in the registry.

Stoic Joker:
Okay, I'm speechless.

That's basically the equivalent of giving your computer AIDS ... Because the slightest hint of a bug will simply kill the then completely defenseless machine.

I don't think the viral problem is that bad.  Most viruses are spread through social engineering.  Only 3 in a decade were spread through Windows vulnerabilities, and then only if you weren't behind a NAT router.

Also, viruses spread through a land of fully ACL'd computers.


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